Your First Juniper Bonsai

Your First Juniper Bonsai Tree

For most people, a juniper bonsai is their first introduction to the ancient art. Junipers make a good choice for first-time bonsai owners, as they’re inexpensive, hardy, and easily accessible. In this article, we’ll explore junipers as bonsai.  We’ll deep-dive on problems that mass produced junipers face, but more importantly, how to repair them and be successful …

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Bonsai Tree Care for Beginners

Bonsai Tree Care for Beginners

You’ve just obtained your very first bonsai tree. It’s a beautiful little tree in a handsome ceramic pot. But, how do you avoid killing it? You might be asking yourself “is caring for a bonsai tree difficult?” Learning bonsai tree care isn’t difficult, but it isn’t as straight forward as you might think. These small trees …

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